Our quick guide to finding more email subscribers

14 Jul 2017

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective, and simple ways of both keeping in touch with your current customers, and finding new ones! Keeping in touch with your customers by email not only keeps you front of mind, but also means you can share business news, events and offers regularly. But what if you have a relatively small email list and you want to go and find new people to build relationships with? There are plenty of ways to do this and many of them are free! Check out our guide below and if you have any other ideas to add, we would love you to share them in the comments box below. Happy emailing!

Our Top Tips

1. Include a link to your newsletter sign up form in the main navigation of your website.
2. Create a “sign up” call to action on your Facebook business page. You can do this from the email platform you use, e.g.Mailchimp or Aweber.
3. At events such as exhibitions, tradeshows or networking events, set up a clipboard or bring along an ipad to collect email addresses. You could bring along a box or glass bowl for people to drop their business cards into.
4. Include a link to your newsletter sign up form in your email signature.
5. If you have a shop, leave a quick form by the tills and ask customers to complete their info – make sure your employees mention the benefits of signing up; exclusive discounts, events, news etc. Incentivise staff to collect email addresses by offering monthly prizes such as an Amazon gift card or meal for two to a local restaurant for the person who has collected the most. Put a tally up on the wall in the staff room/kitchen and make it fun!
6. Give something away for FREE but ensure people register first to receive the offer. A short form including their email address from your current newsletter or from your website works well for things like a free consultation, a how-to guide, pod-cast, e-book or video.
7. Get referrals. Ask your customers to encourage friends to sign up. In exchange, give them a discount or voucher to use against products/services.
8. Make and upload videos to YouTube, then include a link at the end of every video directing people to your newsletter sign up form.
9. Post your sign up form page on your LinkedIn company page and on your Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram profiles.
10. Use a Lightbox. When someone attempts to enter or leave your site, display a Lightbox pop up which will prompt them to sign-up there and then.
11. Include a forward-to-a-friend link in all your emails.
12. Offer “Newsletter only” discounts and mention them on your sign up form page, on social media and within your newsletters.
13. Ask people over the phone – don’t let them hang up until you ask if they would like to be added to your newsletter. Again you can incentivise staff to obtain email addresses this way!
14. Include a call to action, a link and/or a sign up form at the end of every blog post you write.
15. If you are a restaurant/cafe/bar, leave feedback/comment cards on tables for guests to both leave feedback and also provide their email address.
16. Consider paid for FB ad campaigns, sharing the link direct to your website sign up form.

Do you have any other ideas to share? What has worked best for you and your business? We would love to hear your ideas, feel free to share them below!