Blogging and cycling – the same thing?

14 Jul 2017

Writing a business blog is like learning to ride a bike from a text book. It’s ok reading the high way code to keep you safe but until you’ve jumped on the saddle and pedalled hard, you won’t get the full experience! And yes, you’ll have your uphill struggles with creative block but equally you’ll enjoy times of cruising down hills!

Here is a simple template to get you started when it comes to writing a business blog:

Step 1 – Who is your audience for this blog?
Spend a few minutes either creating a word cloud, describing a day in the life, visualising or finding online images of who your audience is.

Step 2 – Topic
Choose a topic that interests you and one that you can get passionate about. If your product is a little dry and you’re having to write about rivets, then have some fun researching some interesting facts about them.

Step 3 – What’s the Appeal?
So you have your topic and you know your audience, now what will make this appealing to your readers? What will resonate with your audience and keep them reading? Whilst not forgetting your brand personality and tone, what key factors will your audience take from the article? If it’s a B2B article, are you talking to an audience of financial gurus? If so, include some information about numbers and returns. Or are you talking to the operators? Therefore, focus on features and benefits and how products are delivered. If it’s a B2C article, again talk about the features and benefits but this time focus on how these will benefit the consumer.

Step 4 – Headline
Grab the reader’s attention. You could make it a long headline and include the topic or try a snappier approach. For our rivet example:
“Next Generation of Rivets Unveiled At Excel London”
“So You Think You Know Your Rivets?”
“8 Riveting Facts To Remember”

Step 5 – Introduction
This is where you keep your reader or lose them; so make it good! Depending on your audience, position your blog:

  • Consider an empathetic fashion: “Don’t you just hate it when…”
  • Or tell a story: “I was walking along the canal the other day when it occurred to me…”
  • Make sure you tell the reader the purpose of your blog: “Here’s the thing, rivets can be a dry topic but let’s look at how the new generation will save time, money and resource”
  • By using colour to highlight, explain how the blog will help to address any problems or how the blog will introduce new ideas
  • “Let’s break down exactly how the new generation rivet will…”
  • “Game changing technology will revolutionise the way rivets are fastened…”

Step 6 – The Body Copy
Always make sure you have a beginning, a middle and an end. You’ve decided on how to pitch your blog so make sure you keep this style consistent throughout.

  • Check your facts
  • Check your grammar and your spelling
  • Check that you’ve referred to your headline and that it all links and flows
  • Use a thesaurus; there are plenty of on line versions available
  • Use key words to help your SEO
  • Images; blogs love images and it helps to break up the words. Make sure you check the publishing rights before you use them. There’s a clever tool on Google images that allows you to search for royalty free images

Step 7 – Call to Action

What is your call to action? So many blogs forget about this. At the end of the day, you want to sell something so don’t forget to tell the reader how and where to get it from!

Step 8 – Sense Check and Post!

It’s always a good idea to have someone read your blog before you publish it. Ask them to check for:

  • Flow
  • Whether it all ties up
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Jargon
  • “Cheese” – yes, sometimes one can get carried away and include some clichés or analogies which are totally irrelevant

And now you’re ready to post!
Like riding a bike, you may have a few wobbles when starting your first business blog. But falling off is all part of the experience and learning curve. Simply jump back in the saddle and pedal. Use this guide as your stabilisers but once you get going, you can throw them away! And yes, I know I’ve cautioned about irrelevant analogies but there really is a tenuous link here… really!

We at effloresce love writing blogs and if it’s something that you just don’t have time, or inclination to do, then why don’t you let us help you?