About Us

What’s in a name?

Effloresce (eff-lor-ess) may defy any advice we would give when creating a brand name, but since its Latin meaning is “to burst forth and bloom” and it represents what we want to do for our clients, plus its unique and rather quirky, we threw the rule book out the window!

Established in 2015, effloresce was set up by Joanne and Catherine to provide start-ups, SME’s and larger companies with an outsourced team of experts (mostly within the marketing disciplines) to help them achieve exponential growth through a combinations of strategic business and marketing initiatives, generating leads, establishing brand presence and driving sales and revenue.

We have an impressive record of growing our clients’ businesses without them needing to add additional overheads or headcount; or pay for expensive employee benefits.  With effloresce you simply pay for the expertise you require, whether its a few hours support, a day, a specific project or a monthly retainer, we offer flexible marketing packages to suit any business.

Located in leafy Hertfordshire (20 minutes north of London), we cover clients across the UK and even though we’re pros at Skype and virtual meetings, we’re used to supporting clients at their own offices too.

Give us a call today to see how we can help your business flourish.